Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Marion Lemson loves Thassos:) This is her detailed story

In Thassos town (Limenas) everything is reachable by foot. We start this city trip from the old car/ferry harbor. Here is a beautiful statue from two dolphins created by a sculptor from Thassos. Now the harbor is called :The Dolphin harbor".It is a pleasant boulevard with dodgems and miniature train for the little children.During the month of August there is also a shooting gallery in hon our of Maria Assention, which is celebrated in the whole of Greece. Across the street there is a pizzeria Da Remo that also can deliver to your home. Although i am not a pizza-lover I've heard from many people that the pizza's are very good!!! Between Da Remo and Harbor Lights is the small office of "THE FOS", the foundation for the animals which you can read all about it in the special chapter.You can buy here some calendars and T-shirts, and the profit is for the good cause: The strays at the island. Next to this office is cafe Harbor Lights, they serve in the morning lovely English breakfasts (with REAL English sausages!!!) and in the evening it is a very nice cocktail bar.Next to Harbor Lights is a cocktail bar and a cozy terrace with the name ”Cheers” To the right there is a big ice-cream-parlor, called:"Dodoni".They serves ice creams, sorbets and very good coffee. Also there is a little shop that sells typical Thassos honey. You must try the honey with walnuts, which is delicious and a specialty of the island.You come on to an open area that looks through onto the main street, but more about that in the next chapter. Here we have the police station, the bus station and across the road by the old (ex) ferry harbor you have a taxi rank opposite the Hotel Poseidon. Attention, the taxies are very scarce in the evening and difficult to get. In Limenas it should not be a problem, but outside the town you should take account of a long waiting time, or else make an appointment with the driver. I speak out of my own experience as I have had to wait 3 hours or more and after many phone calls in Skala -Potamia to return back to Limenas.We continue on the boulevard and after a few terraces a hotel and a few souvenir shops we come to a kiosk, that sells almost everything. You can buy telephone-cards. There are many telephone boxes spread around the city, even on the beach and on the old fishing-harbor.Behind the kiosk is the Bank of Greece with a cash dispenser.At the square there are 3 cocktail bars next to each other:"café Platanos, Café Petrinas and café Pantebo. Back at the boulevard right on the corner is Cafe-bar "Tzaki", And there are two restaurants next to each other. Restaurant “Doukas” and “Asteria” are reachable from the square or the Main street. At first sight these restaurants with neon lighting look cheerless but the food and service are very good and they do everything to please their guests.After these restaurants is a pastry shop and the boulevard gets quieter. There is a fairly large hotel with different restaurants and a large parking area in front. Further up we have Restaurant “Marina” where the service is very friendly. It’s a pity that is not so busy because it is out of the busy part of the town on the edge of the new marina, which was finished last year. And from where the ferry-boat and the "where The Flying Dolphin depart. We keep on this road to the edge of Limenas. It is a 15-minute walk in a quiet, holiday tempo we reach a pebbly coastal strip.Sometimes a truck carrying marble blocks will pass you.When we reach the end of Limenas we discover the “Vournelisbeach” with sand and pebbles. There is also a cafeteria and a restaurant “Vournelis” and some apartments.You can hire sun beds and umbrellas, and there are also showers. This beach has a mild decline into the sea. The following beaches are : Agios Vassilis, Potteries-beach, you can find here the pottery of Costis. You can have a look inside the shop, and you learn how to make things of clay. And of course you can buy beautiful pots, mugs, ashtrays etc. The beaches and bay’s Tarsanas-, Glifada-, La Scala-, Papalimani-Esperides- and Glikadi beach continue until Cape Pachys, the next rock-formation on the west-side are very easy to reach by mountain bike.After that begins the road to Prinos and the coast road around the island.

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