Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Marion's Ancient Limenas

Limenas, in reality is an ancient town. Throughout the town there are archaeological sights. “The agora” (market) is between the old harbor where the remains are still to be seen in the water and also in the hills. Passed restaurant “ Patrikos” we walk slowly up the hill. The first metres are quite easy because there is a stairway. At the top of these stairs is a sweet little shrine, built with mosaic stones. From here you must climb a very steep path. Then you see a sign “ancient theatre”, but unfortunately it is closed until 200?, because of restoration work. At the moment it is closed. It is the intention when the theatre from the 2nd century is finished, they will produce classical dramas and other plays. Climbing higher, we come across the remains of the “ Athina-temple” and a ruin of the temple of the mythological God “Pan”. Presumably there was once an “Apollo-temple “ on this place.At the top of the hill is a perfect place to take photos of the impressive view of Limenas with the two harbors. Keep to the paths, because sometimes you will meet with a snake or a lizard. One good tip is: Only make this trip if you are wearing strong walking shoes. Personally I didn't’t think I needed them and went with slip-on's. I can assure you that was a silly thing to do!!!!!!!!!! I slipped and one of my slip-on's was broken. Fortunately my dear husband was very courteous and he gave me his slip-on's. There where too big for me, but i was very grateful to him. And i was shamed when he walked barefoot through the hill s.............................................In ancient days there used to be a 4 km long city wall around Limenas, with gates with relief’s of the Gods: Parmenon, Selene, Herakles and Zeus and Hera, parts of which can still be seen today.The old interesting mythological stories live on by the Modern Greek. Even some young people ask protection of the old Gods when they go fishing or hunting. Behind the playground is a large excavation (the agora) and you can also visit the, in 1997 completely restored archaeological museum. In the garden, a lion keeps the watch and inside you can find some artifacts of the ancients e.g. the flying horse Pegasus, a statue of the goddess of beauty Aphrodite with her son Eros, who is sitting on a dolphin. They have a kouros, a 3,5 meter large statue found in the Apollo temple above the hill. This statue is from the 7th century before Christ.On the square (platea) you find an excavation and at the end of the 18 October street (main street), in the direction of the fishing harbor and through out the town you have many small excavations.Limenas is one big treasure of archaeological remains; unfortunately many finds have been disturbed.I have seen with my own eyes, when shrubs were pulled out of a garden that also old foundations were uncovered.Old remains are not only found in Limenas, but also in Palaiohori, you can see veins of an old gold mine and in Alyki are remains of a sanctuary.

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