Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Marion's story - the beach

Limenas has a reasonably nice crescent formed beach, with showers next to the old fishing-harbor. It is about 250 meters long and 22 meters wide. The beach has a mild decline into the sea. In the deeper part of the sea there is it’s marine life, which is a paradise for snorkellers. From the beach you have a good view of the uninhabited island “Thassopoula”. By clear weather you can see Kavalla on the mainland. The beach is separated from the road (Odos Miaouli or Miaouli street) by a row of trees and underneath you can sit in the shade on one of the benches. The sun beds are for free this summer. “Island “ is the first beach club next to restaurant “ Captains”, (already described.). At Island they serve breakfasts, good but simple meals and refreshments, and in the evening it is a cocktail bar.There are 3 more terraces on the beach. Next to beach club Island is cocktail bar’ Drift”, and they are playing sometimes pop- music all over the beach. The following tavern / bar is “Venieris” and next door you can see cocktail- / snack bar“Ice waves”. In the afternoon they are nice “chill out” cafe's and in the evening very nice cocktailbars.New at the beach is restaurant "Vassilis Grill".
On the end of the beach, we have restaurant “ Syrtaki”, where the food and service is fantastic.This is our absolutely favorite restaurant.The owner Nikos is a very enthusiastic man and we are very jealous on his energy..... He is always very hearty and make a chat with everybody. He speaks a few words Dutch and he is very proud of it!!! The furnishing of the restaurant is nicer each year . In the middle, is hanging the fishing-boat “The Syrtaki”, he has added glass-top-tables inlate of tables with sand, star fishes, shells etc. There is a very nice atmosphere. The food is always fresh and excellent!! The service is very good and friendly!!Also because of the chief-waiter Christos, who is a perfect waiter.Lots of Greek people are having their meals here.There is a guest book and you can write something nice, or a joke, or whatever you want. When you write your email in it, Nikos will reply you sooner or later....It is a must to have eaten a Thassos salad with garlic-bread, very tasty for a lunch.Or what do you think about the shell with sea fruit?Or the ham/cheese pies, mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Nikos is not only the owner and a golden waiter, but he is also a brilliant cook!! The regular cook was absent, and Nikos has to replace him and in our opinion the food was absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!!! Nikos was very busy but he even find the time for giving me a great, great birthday-surprise!!!!!!
Beyond the former ship yard at the end of the beach is the cocktail bar “Karnagio”. It is a unique location at Cape “Evriokastro in Limenas. You have a wonderful view of the east coast of Thassos. There is a private beach, this place is perfect for daydreams......and it is a very romantic spot. Because it is a little hidden, it is sometimes so quiet here, The most people don’t know there is a pub here. After climbing the rocks behind the wharf you come across the sweetest little church. “ The church of the Holy Apostles “ (Agion Apostolon), it is not seen from the beach. You can reach the church via the path behind the restaurant “Patrikos, it’s a stiff climb, but worth the effort.Now since 2003 there is a stair in the hills from the church to cafĂ© Karnagio.The perfectly kept church is white and blue, and built on the ruins of a basilica, which was built on the remains of an earlier Christian relic. Inside there is a little altar with lots of burning candles, some icons and other relics and a golden chandelier. On each site they have three chairs. Unfortunately it was closed when we were there, but you can get a good impression when you look through the clear windows.Walking back in the direction to the harbor, the first building we come to is the public toilet. You can try to use them, as they are rather dirty, but this year it was very clean. A few metres further is the little wooden building belonging to the fire department and opposite this building on the beach there is a new childrens-playground. Thassos has been in 1985, 1989 and 1993 afflicted by terrible bush fires, kilometres of trees were lost. In the mountains they have made special fire-corridors, many tourists think these are ski-pistes for winter sport, but that’s impossible on Thassos!! The locals keep a watchful eye on the hills to see if there is anything burning. Further down the beach road we see mostly apartments and a few cocktail bars and a souvenir shop that sells beach attributes and there are also telephone boxes.We walk passed the fishing harbor via the restaurant “Platanos” and go up a few stairs and come on to a little square with a playground. The street where we are now on, divides here and we pass on the right the Archeological Museum. This street is called “Megalo Alexandrou” (Alexander the Great) and we walk on and cross over at “hotel Philoxenia Inn“ and on the right is a bookshop where you can buy foreign newspapers. Straight through the street we pass on the left a bar and right an amusement arcade and then you have the post office, recognizable by the yellow sign and letterbox with a black horn. Further on you find the travel agency “Endless holiday’s“. A little further is the Indian restaurant “Posh Spice”. They served very spicy dishes like chicken Madras in 3 variant reading: mild, medium and extra hot. A suggestion for you is the starter samosa : triangle very spicy fries flange filled with minced meat. Special for people like us who love spicy food, is this very welcome for a change.The Rohan Josh is excellent....You must not be in a hurry, because all the ingredients are very fresh, and that needs extra time. The service is very friendly, and most of the time the proprietress herself is asking if you are well pleased.Only at 10.30 it is feed time for the animals, and the cats are number 1.It is good to see that the waiter loves their cats very much!! Since 2003 there is a little black&white cat. Her name is Marion.She is named after me, hihihi. Please, give this little cat an extra cuddle, but take care because she is very young and very shy...........
Left at the end of the street, it goes over onto the main road in the direction of Skala Potamia / Panagia /Alyki and Makryammos.

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