Wednesday, June 6, 2007


The island of Thassos lies in the north of the Aegean Sea close to Kavalla in Macedonia.It is a green island with mainly cedars, pine trees, plane trees and olive trees. It has a rough, rocky coastline with lovely sandy beaches in between. It is a modern island, and self-supporting by the export of marble and honey. It is 398 square kilometres with 15.000 inhabitants. Two important harbors are Ormos Prinou and Limenas.The highest mountains in the northeast are the “Profitas Ilias” (1100 mtr) and the “Ypsario”(1205 mtr) and further there are many hills, with rich vegetation.The main road around the island is modern and 100 km. long. The minor roads to the villages are of lesser quality.There is not much opportunity for sports on Thassos.There are no possibilities for golf, diving, , squash, sailing and windsurfing. In the hotel “Makryammos”, 2 km. outside of Limenas, has a tennis court, and a run down court in Limenaria and Tennis club. Thassos has 4 courts, 2 of which have gravel, 3 with lighting and it is possible to have lessons. You can horse riding in Rachoni.You can book excursions e.g.-Boat trips with barbecue-Greek evening in Theologos-Trip around the island-Kavalla and Philippi
Nestos-WalkWell-known and beautiful beaches: Golden Beach, Chrisi Ammoudi, Limenaria, Pefkas, Potos, Makryammos, Limenas and Paradise Beach.Naturist beach: Paradise Beach on the east of the island.Post office in Limenas, Megalou Alexandros. Open from 7.30 a.m. till 14.00 p.m.Banks: 5 in the centre, 5 exchange-offices and one exchange automaticCash dispensers: 3 for Europas, Giropas, Euro/Mastercard and Visa.Telephones: By the O.T.E. in the main street (Limenas) are 6 telephone boxes scattered around. The fishing harbor and next to the kiosk opposite the car ferries are some telephone booths, where you need telephone cards.Medical help: In Limenas are 6 doctors; 4 pharmacies; 1 dentist.In Prinos is 1 first aid post and in Kavalla on the mainland is a hospital.Bus: From May till September very frequent:Via the harbor to the Westside or via the harbor to the South side.Approximately 10 times a day to Panagia, Skala Potamia, Skala Prinos, Limenaria and Potos5 times a day to Theologos4 times a day to Alyki (remaining months less frequently).Boat: May to October:± 10X a day car ferry to Keramotti± 5 X a day Flying Dolphin to Kavalla± 2 X a day taxi-boats to Makryammos and Golden Beach For rent: Cars, motors, scooters, mopeds and mountain bikes is possible in every town.Always ask for a helmet when renting a motor, scooter or moped.You need for a moped and a scooter a moped-certificate.Taxis: The taxi stand in Limenas is at the car ferry harbor. In the off-season it is hard to find a taxi. Make an agreement with the driver for the return-journey. Otherwise you have no guarantee to have a taxi in the evening.SOME IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS:
Health-centre: 0030-25930-71700 / 71100
Harbor-police: 0030-25930-22106

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