Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Marion's story part 2

We walk back through the main street to the old fishing harbor. We continue merrily on our way. We go left and then we come to the cafĂ© “ Remezo”. Here is a unique atmosphere, and where people of all ages meet. They play different sorts of music, from Elvis Presley to the Rolling Stones, mixed with Greek music and old jazz. The owners (Nikos and Soully) are ex-fishermen and they can tell you everything about fishing. If they are in a good mood, they forget about their costumers and dance the “ Sirtaki “ with guests. A full English breakfast is served in the morning. At 5 pm you can enjoy an Ouzo or a snack whilst looking out over the picturesque harbor, when the fishermen go out to sea in little boats. In the evening it is most pleasant on the terrace. Inside this pub there's a beautiful poster of "Thassos in the snow". The two brothers have a good sense of humour and they appreciate a good joke. It is a real meeting place for friends and acquaintances, old and new. Unfortunately Nikos, one of the two brothers died in the spring 2002. The pub is missing the friendly smile and the sense of humour of this man. The atmosphere is fortunately the same as usual, thanks to Soully, Nick and Nathalie. But Me and my husband Theo and many other people will never forget this friendly and nice man!!! And i am sure that many people are agreed with me!!! You also can rent-a-boat for fishing trips and trips around the island. You can get more information by Soully.
We go from Remezo, past the old harbor in the direction of “ agora” ( that means market, see chapter 6). Sporadically they hold a market or sometimes jumble.Next door to Remezo is a Snack bar with a little terrace and after that on the corner of the main street you find a bakery with warm rolls, cheese and sausages, etc.The name is "Tweetie". On the right we have what looks like one long restaurant, but is in fact two: “Platanos” and “Simi”. In between there is a small stairway going up to a playground. Children play there until late in the evening. During the day you can sit on the benches in the shade under the trees and it is romantic to sit in the evenings watching the view over the harbor. Opposite the playground you have the stand of the Eros 2. You can make a reservation for one of the interesting boat trips. a. o. The trip around the island, a trip to the most beautiful beaches; and a tour for those who like to sleep in . All the trips are including a barbecue. The boat is making 3 stops by the island-trip for swimming or snorkeling. You can buy all kinds of drinks (alcoholic as well) on the boat and there is a very nice atmosphere. We had a great day!!!!Across the road you see a kiosk, which just like all the other kiosks on the Greek islands sells everything. Next you have a tiny terrace:" Asprides"", where you can buy beer, soft drinks and coffee. It is nice to sit in the afternoons watching the fishermen, mending their nets, or filleting the fish. Costas, the owner is a man of a few words. I guess he must be about 65? His father owned the taverna before him. Inside the taverna is a photograph of Costas near one of the trees outside the taverna which was taken about 40 years ago?Costas' son Harris & daughter Georgia now work in the summer months.So you can see its a real family taverna.A few meters passed the old water pump to your right is the restaurant “The Old Port”, situated in a garden on a hill. Our experience is that they don’t sell everything, but what they have is of good quality and they also offer a quick and friendly service. As a starter we recommend the boiled octopus in vinegar, oil and onions, an absolute topper.Right across the road you have restaurant “Patrikos”, where the red and white table clothes invite you to come and taste the homemade ouzo and enjoy a good quality meal. The service is good and after the meal, you are treated to a bunch of grapes on the house. You can sit either inside or out. As a starter we ate a very delicious chicken soup. The “stifado” (a Greek meat dish) is also very good.Passing Patrikos you can see the impressive building at the harbor is the “Metochi”. This beautiful, recently (2002) renovated building which was a former property of the monk-republic of Athos, is at the moment a municipal property. Now it is a theatre used for lectures etc. Last holiday we have seen a interesting exhibition about paintings from Thassos. On the left hand side you can see a cocktail bar with a terrace:" Tropicana", next-door the restaurant “Mythos”.The food is very good. They have original meals, only the service differs from season to season unfortunately. You recognize “Mythos” directly by the blue tables, chairs and the fence, but also on the blue awning. By strong wind the awnings are taken down, so that you are not disturbed eating. The ” Greek Plate” is a must. It is a large plate with Greek tasty morsels.Next to “Mythos” we have another little terrace:"To Karanto". And to the right is restaurant “Captains”. The way the terrace is built and gives you the impression of an old carousel, a wooden floor and tables around the edge and in the middle plants and lighting. The staffs are correct and speak perfect English and the service is quick. The specialty is “ Kleftiko ” a dish which originates from Cyprus, it is made by boiling lambs meat; you must have eaten it once in your lifetime. Captains has since last summer a new main course on the menu. "The Chinese Plate". Not like Holland and England, but it is really tasty.In most restaurants the food is good, but sometimes you have to wait a while to get it.We had the experience when a chef had an argument with the staff, and left the restaurant with a red face. Then we had to wait 1 1/2 hours. The owner treated us to bottles of wine and kept apologizing to us. We kept our sense of humour and had a good laugh when around midnight they brought us a very simple snack to eat. But the fun that we had that night, shall not be forgotten..(ha-ha)

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